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Arctech Fabricating, Inc.

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    Arctech Fabricating is one of Southwest Ohio's premier certified welding facilities, offering certified TIG and MIG welding on virtually any materials group. Arctech also offers in-house CNC Milling and Turning on low and high volume machined components. We are fully certified to ISO 9001:2015.


    Metal Fabrication

    Metal Fabrication

    Arctech specializes in creating metal fabrications of all material types and sizes. We regularly create single & prototype parts for situations when you need a rapid response. We run lot sizes from one and/or full-scale production. Customers trust us to design, fabricate, machine, and paint their product all within our companies.



    Arctech offers a variety of machining capabilities common to the metal fabrication industry. We also acquired Dynapoint Technologies in 2018 adding CNC mill and CNC Lathe capacity. Our machining centers and variety of large bed manual machines help us meet your goals for production or prototype.

    Welding Certifications

    Welding Certifications

    Arctech maintains weld certifications for a variety of needs including the petroleum, nuclear, food service, military and general commercial fields of work. Arctech has on staff several AWS certified weld inspectors, who can train and certify our team (or your team) to any specification or material group not currently covered.

    Our Guinness World Record!

    • guinness-world-recordHistory In The Making...

      In October 2005, Arctech Fabricating was part of a Guinness world record setting event, making a 12 foot diameter, 2020 lb, edible pumpkin pie in New Bremen, Ohio.  In September of 2010 we a part of breaking our 2005 Guinness world record with a 20 foot diameter, 3699 lb, edible pumpkin pie. In both cases we made the pan for the Guinness record setting events.

      What's Next?

      We continue to grow and add further capabilities to our in-house processing. During the the past few years we have added such items as CNC machining and turning to service the quick turnaround prototype jobs. We have also added resistance spot welding to our list of processes through the purchase of two spot weld machines.  Visit our Equipment page to view a complete list of equipment held by Arctech.